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Google AdSense program policies-June 2016

How new Google Account features and settings affect publishers

Google is inviting people with a Google Account to review new configuration that gives them more control over the data Google collects about their web and app activity.

It's important for publishers with a site or app that employs one or more Google or Double Click publisher services to understand what's changing. Going forward, people may choose to add their activity on Google partner sites or apps to their Google Account. They may decide to enable or disable this option, or opt out of personalized ads, at any time.

Building a better user experience

This change creates a better experience for people using Google services and our partner websites and apps by giving people more control over the data Google collects. It also means that advertisers will be able to offer people more relevant ads, helping you earn more over time as Google ads become more valuable for everyone.

What this means for publishers

If a person chooses to turn on the new Google Account features, then data from their web browsing or app activity will be associated with their Google Account and used to serve them more relevant personalized ads (formerly known as interest-based ads).

You may want to review your site's privacy policy (and cookie consent notice if you have one) to ensure that your information about data collection and sharing is accurate. If you don't want to show personalized ads on your site, you can follow these instructions to opt out.

Double Click Ad Exchange and Double Click for Publishers (DFP)

There are no changes to how your data is collected or used by Google at this time.

                 AdSense Insider Quarterly - June 2016

Meet AdSense’s next generation ads: Page-level ads

About the Matched content feature [Ad code implementation]

Matched content is a free recommendation tool that offers you an easy technique to improve your articles to your site visitors. By making it easy for your readers to find the content that they're interested in, you can increase your site's page views, the time spent on your site, user reliability, ad impressions, and finally ad revenue.

With Matched content units, you choose the pages where you'd like the recommendations to appear, and then AdSense promotes the articles on your site that are most relevant to the readers of those pages. Matched content recommendations are based on topic similarity and are personalized for the reader.

Some important things to know about Matched content units:

    They bring relevant content to the attention of your users, which can help increase page views and time on site.
    You can place Matched content units on any of the pages on your eligible sites.
    They don’t count towards your Google content ad limit per page.
    Recommendations are within-site, for example, if you have two sites abc.com and xyz.com, then the recommendations we generate for each site will be internal to that site. Note that we only generate recommendations from pages that have Google ads or Matched content units on them.
    If you've turned on the "Allow ads" share next you may also see ads in your Matched content units.
    These groups work on a tablet,  desktop and mobile.
    They are not eligible for use in experiments.

Eligibility to apply Matched content

The Matched content feature is not available to all publishers. To be eligible, you must have a site that meets our minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages. We've put these requirements in place to ensure that Matched content provides a great experience for you and your site visitors. Once your site is approved, you'll have access to the Matched content feature in your AdSense account.

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