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Best Order An Affiliate Marketing Product Tips You Will Read

 How To Teach Best Order An Affiliate Marketing Product Tips You Will Read Better Than Anyone Else

The first component I am going to explain is the products because without the products you don't have a business. You may have the website, you may have the traffic, but with no products to sell then, there will be no money. To make a profit in any marketing and affiliate marketing, you need products to sell. You need multiple products to sell, and they all have to be closely related to the niche that you're in. You won't make any money promoting a gardening book to people who are only interested in fishing. They have to be related and the closer to your niche the more likely they are to sell.
In this article, I am going explain to you what an affiliate marketing product funnel looks like and two different ways to order your products. You will also learn about price points and what the best starting point is if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, and you will also learn how you can make more sales with that first product.

The very first product should be the best match to your list. Now when I say list, I am referring to a list of subscribers who have opted into your email list. It should be a low price, "entry level product" because almost you will make more sales. Remember that this will probably be the first purchase that anyone makes from you so by keeping it a lower priced product you will increase your chances of selling it. By making these first sales, they will give you more confidence in the whole process because when your first purchase you can make two when you make two purchases you can make four, then ten.

Now conversely, if you decided to promote a $500 home study course you may only make one or two sales of that per one thousand subscribers, and this could take months. You do not want to wait months to start making sales, so by starting with a lower priced product, you will get more sales from the outset.

The next product in line may be a higher priced product than the first, then the third may be a little higher again, but this doesn't have to be the case. You don't have to set up your product funnel based on price alone. It could be the first product is the most closely related to your niche, and of course it should be, the second could be another sub-niche of your niche. For instance, if your niche was fishing, your first product might be a river fishing manual, the second product might be a sea fishing manual, the third might be overseas fishing. You see they are closely related but are sub niches within the niche of the fishery.

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